28 Aug 2016

The Flesh Made Word (Expanded Edition)

The Flesh Made Word (Expanded Edition) is now available via Amazon, as a paperback only (UK here and US here). Besides being more user-friendly than the original book, this expanded edition of The Flesh Made Word contains new material in support of the claim that transgenderism is a by-product of abortion laws. Below is an excerpt from the introduction, plus the contents page, plus links to reviews of/references to the book(s). All enquiries welcome, via email, via my blog profile.

Excerpt from the Introduction:

Gender is how we can tell that the natural reality named Sex is no longer reflected in law. However, this does not mean gender has replaced sex in law. When a man steals our car, does he replace it with an empty space? No. The empty space signifies only the absence of our car. Gender is the space left behind by the legal absence of sex. But when we take away sex we take away the body, and when we take away the body surely we take away everything? So what exactly is it that is left behind? The answer, in a word, is language.

The Flesh Made Word provides a blueprint through which to see not only what transgenderism is but also why it is happening. The concept of gender is incoherent when thought of as a socio-cultural or academic phenomenon that is now being implemented by the state, but it becomes coherent when we flip the picture round and come to realise that gender is an abortion-caused legal phenomenon imposing itself upon society.

Yes, it is true. We have had our body stolen. Not our real body, of course. We would have noticed. Rather, we have been deprived of all legal recognition of our body. We did not notice because here in reality nothing changed. As things stand, we are being governed as though we are no body. On what basis, then, can we say that we are being governed at all?

If you want to know why the world seems to be bending out of shape, this book is for you.



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